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Event 17, Founding a Nation is behind us! Adventure Day dates will be up soon, but in the meantime, don't forget to check out our page on Teana Con (and show it to your friends, encourage them to come also), fill in your character report and leave us a comment on the Post Event Speculations Thread!
Admin will be completed as soon as humanly possible, but might take a week or two because of aforementioned real life.

Event 17: Founding a Nation
Dates: 3 to 5 November 2017, starting at 16, ending at 12.
Bookings Close: 27 October 2017
Hat Draw Close: 29 September 2017
Payments due: 27 October 2017
Venue: Camp Seriti
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Places and Prices:
NPCs: 15 places @ R200;
Players: 66 places @ R400;
Catering: R350; Mug: R50
Discussion: Event 17 Discussion
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Teana Con

Teana Con has unfortunately been suspended. We will announce new dates as soon as possible.

For all the details and to let us know you're coming, go to Teana Con Page

Adventure Days

Slots Available:
Sunday 17 December 2017 - Marie/Angela
13/14 January - Russ/Angela
20/21 January - Marie/Gregg
27/28 January - Stephen/Matt
3/4 February - Plot Adventure Day & Chat to an NPC
23 and 24 September Adventure Days
Venue: Delta Park Environmental Centre
Slot 1 (Saturday 10 AM): A Husband's Favour
Open To: First 10 players who book
Cost:R100 per player, R0 for NPCs
NPCs Required: 15
Blurb: Duke Sarkland has put out a call for Bravos to assist him in during his wife and her people a favor. There are both crowns and the chance to win a Dukes favor on the line.
OOC: *Both adventure days are related to potential Hobling storylines that have not yet been fully developed.
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Slot 2 (Saturday 2 PM):A Military Job
Open To: First 10 players who book
Cost:R100 per player, R0 for NPCs
NPCs Required: 15
Blurb: Captain Rufus Adeleson, aide-de-camp to Lord Admiral Theofssen Greggerstan, has quietly put out the word that he needs a few good Bravos to assist him in a delicate matter.
OOC: *Both adventure days are related to potential Hobling storylines that have not yet been fully developed.
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Chat to an NPC (Sunday 10 AM to 3 PM):
Open To: First 20 players who book
Cost:R50 per player
Venue Marie's Place (address will be provided to those that book.
Blurb: Book for this event to indicate that you'll be coming through to talk to an NPC! Please include which NPC(s) you want to talk to on the day and a general idea of the subject matter in the booking notes, so Plot can prepare. Also include what time you would like to come through so that we can schedule people. Being in costume is not required, but does add to the atmosphere.
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9 September Adventure Days
Venue: Delta Park
Slot 1 (10 AM) Delegations and Rescues
Open To: The Wardens
NPCs Required: 15
Blurb: The Dwarves have sent a delegation to inspect the Warden's foothold in Asula, as requested by Kanzi, but at the same time, Zendegi brings word that the Hive have some Sarr captives in need of rescue...
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Slot 2 (1 PM) In Search of Winds
Open To: Ruth-Sul
NPCs Required: 15
Blurb: Ruth Sul are off to the Plane of Air to bargain for winds for a scheme to ensure Drachimier's plague can't spread towards the planned extent of the new Elven lands.
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Closed for Requests
23 September Plot Adventure Day
2 Slots available. Blurbs coming soon.
24 September Talk to an NPC day
Bookings will open soon.

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