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Event 15: Scales of Gratitude
Dates: 17 to 18 February 2017, starting at 16, ending at 12.
Bookings Close: 3 February 2017
Hat Draw Close: 3 January 2017
Payments due: 3 February 2017
Venue: Camp Seriti
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Places and Prices:
NPCs: 15 places @ R200;
Players: 66 places @ R400;
Catering: R350; Mug: R50
Discussion: Event 15 Discussion
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Adventure Days

8 January Adventure Day
Venue: Delta Park
Slot 1 (10 AM): Aftermath
Open To: Romblar's Travellers
NPCs Required: 15
Blurb: Romblar's Travellers try to find guardians for the now freed chaos node, but the jungle is a dangerous place...
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Slot 2 (1 PM): Playing Whack-a-Mole
Open To: Ruth-Sul and HHH
NPCs Required: 15
Blurb: Hemaraja Heti Himansh and Ruth-Sul set out to capture a lieutenant of the Mole uncovered through HHH’s investigations.
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15 January Adventure Days
Venue: Delta Park
Slot 1 (Sunday 10 AM): A Perilous Voyage
Open To: The Order of the Rose
NPCs Required: 15
Blurb: The Order of the Rose attempt to sail back to Alarion's old haunt on the Elven continent of Inarel Oren. What secrets will be revealed, what truths will be learned, is such a crossing even possible?
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Slot 2 (Sunday 1 PM):Scouting the way
Open To: By invitation of the SIns
NPCs Required: 15
Blurb: The Sin's are being fraking crazy and are making their way deep into the jungles to scout ahead of the main Bravo force. Not to be missed.
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