Tales of Teana Wikis

Here you will find useful wiki's to guide you through the site and game. There are also some game resources available on this page which you might find useful over on the right.

The Web Site Wiki

This wiki provides you with help in using this web site to play the game of Teana, including:

  • Creating your character
  • Booking for an Event
  • Leveling your character
  • Spending Goblin Points
Web Site Wiki

The Estates Wiki

This wiki provides you with help in getting into the Tales of Teana Estate Game. In this game, your characater purchases land in Teana and builds various industries on that land, earning in game money. Be warned, there are events that happen every two months that can severly impact your industries, but that's half the fun isn't it? Check out maps of existing Teana Estates here: Estate Maps

Estates Wiki
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