NOTE: This system is in Beta and may change radically as Plot observes it in action. Constructive feedback is welcome, and can be sent to

The Estate System allows Player Characters to purchase land within Arnhelm's borders. The land thus purchased is still operated subject to the authority of the local noble. However the yeoman who purchases land rights gains profit from all businesses on the land.

Most nobles do not sell their profitable parcels of land, so most Bravos purchasing land find that land available for purchase is not the land with profitable businesses. Rather, it is empty land that they are expected to populate with businesses.

Of course, owning lands comes with certain risks. Sometimes there are bandit attacks, sometimes illness or other malady strikes. Alternatively, a land owner could attract the eyes of the law or the Slayers, or even rival landholders. Of course, owning land can also be highly profitable, and fortuitous events can also occur. Occasionally a bumper harvest could double the return from the land, or the local noble could come for a social visit, raising the Bravos status.

Mechanically, PCs may purchase land in acre sized plots. Bordering acres form an Estate, so when purchasing additional land, PCs can specify if they are increasing the size of their existing Estate, or purchasing land for a new Estate in another County. On each acre, a certain amount of businesses can be placed, depending on the amount of land required for a given business. Each sort of business needs a quantity of workers to function, but there is a limit to how many workers any given acre can sustain, which is dependent on the quality of the land. Each month, each business offers a return on investment. Each month, Plot rolls on the event tables for each separate estate to determine what, if any, notable events occur on that estate.

There are also buildings and improvements that can be placed on an acre of land that make the workers happy, help defend the Estate or contribute to the social status of the owner. Soldiers for instance will add to the defence value of the land, combating the damage that violent events can do to an Estate. Taverns can up the happiness of the peasantry, keeping them from rebelling.

What follows below is an in depth look at the available land types and businesses that can be placed on them. Additionally, we will also cover happiness and what happens if your peasant happiness falls below certain thresholds.

There are tables in each section providing a quick reference for what can be bought and how much it gives the owner each month, or costs the owner each month.

If you wish to purchase an estate, contact . You can also buy additional acres next to your current acres as time passes and you have more coin available to you. Additionally you can buy empty acres and leave them fallow until you wish to develop them. Please remember to specify where (in which Duchy, and ideally which County) you would like to purchase the Estate.

You can purchase an estate collaboratively, however one person must be responsible IC for the estate, as in-game Arnhelm will only recognise one person as the landowner.

You may only take actions once per Estate per month. Most actions will involve building structures or improvements on your land, and are measured in the weeks required to perform the action. There are four weeks in a month, so the most actions you can take in a month is therefore four, if each action only takes 1 week apiece.

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