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Home » Events » Event 15: Scales of Gratitude

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12/15/2016 3:43:35 PM

Posts: 138
Dates: 17- 19 Feb 2017
Venue: Camp Seriti (https://goo.gl/maps/GxAYc8n5Exp)
Player: R400
NPC: R200
Catering: R350
Mug: R50

The blast of horns echoed through the heavy, wet jungle air, startling Yserben from his doze. Looking around frantically for signs of attack, he became aware of distant chanting carried on the wind. Whatever this was, it was hardly another assault by the scattered remnants of the Undying King's forces! Glancing behind him, Yserben could just make out the shifting rainbow mass of the Chaos Node, as other members of Crimson hounds moved into defensive positions around the central pyramid.

Sudden movement, high in the vine-entwined trees to Yserben's right drew his gaze back to the jungle canopy, just in time to see a small purple Lizard Man leaping in his direction! Quickly raising his blade, Yserben realised he was too late...too slow! Even as his life flashed before his eyes, the Lizard Man struck, razor-sharp claws extending, as the creature spread its arms wide and slammed into him. Yserben flinched reflexively, anticipating the hot flash of pain as the small creature tore out his throat, its high-pitched shriek echoing in his ears, "Eeeeeeeeyaaaaheeee!"

The expected blow never came, as the creature wrapped its arms around Yserben, in what he could only describe as...as...a hug? Slowly opening his eyes and looking down at the purple Lizard Man, Yserben realised that is was little more than a juvenile, barely old enough to hold a weapon, let alone assault a seasoned Bravo. Staring at Yserben with huge, slitted yellow eyes, the creature spoke, "You Bravo? You help drive the Foul One from our home?"

Barely suppressing a residual shudder, Yserben slowly nodded his head, not yet trusting himself to speak. The Lizard Man's mouth split wide, in a huge, toothy grin, "Good! Then you come to Ticatlapotla, celebrate victory! Tiemeth and Merisenthia have returned to the city there will be much contest, drinking, dancing in your honour, before they bestow their favour! Come! Come celebrate you!"

Slowly extricating himself from the small, enthusiastic creature, Yserben glanced behind him, yelling into the courtyard below, "Captain Greitharr! Best contact Ranger Landvik! The Lizards are inviting the Bravos to a party...in our honour!"

"In order to have a plot, you have to have a conflict, something bad has to happen."
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Home » Events » Event 15: Scales of Gratitude