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4/23/2017 11:54:40 AM

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Torvald Byrne stood on the palace balcony, leaning heavily on the railing, sweeping his gaze over his city, imagining the damage that had been done to the merchant’s district and the docks due to the outbreak of plague that had been put down by his son’s efforts. Torvald was proud of Njord’s ability to lead his men and deal with the physical strain of his position, along with his competence on the battlefield, but he was deeply concerned by his son’s seeming lack of diplomatic finesse. Recently, Torvald had been feeling his age more and more frequently, but was concerned that his eldest son was not yet ready to rule…

The king’s reverie was interrupted by a polite cough from behind his right-hand side. Rising to his maximum height, Torvald looked around slowly, to see Egil Rydman standing behind him, impeccably dressed, clean and neat as always. “Sire, the emissary from the Biata awaits your pleasure in the east drawing room. I am pleased to report that her journey from the docks was completely uneventful and that she has no idea about the difficulties we have experienced along the waterfront of late.”

Torvald sighed heavily, as he contemplated saddling his horse in the middle of the night and fleeing to Ragonvaldr for a fortnight or two, just to escape the endless parade of diplomats, ambassadors, envoys and emissaries that seemed to constantly lay siege to his study, office, war room and parlours of late. He thought of how his wife would react as he raised his gaze to meet Lord Rydman’s, “I am glad that her journey was peaceful and that she has arrived safely within the palace walls. Please see her properly fed and bid her make herself comfortable. I will join her shortly.”

Lord Rydman nodded perfunctorily, “Of course my lord. Before I take my leave, however, there is something you should know…”

Torvald snorted in irritation, “What is it? What more has occurred today?”

Lord Rydman hesitated fractionally before replying, “The emissary told me to inform you that the Shikra say it is time to take the fight to the Undying King at the Cave of Life. Apparently, they wish to make use of the Bravos again. In fact, they have already approached a small number of them, who have accepted their gifts.”

Torvald’s eyes widened in disbelief, “WHAAAT?!?”

Lord Rydman took a step back in the face of the king’s anger, his usually vaunted aplomb cracking for a second, “They were approached at the Lizard Folk’s celebration, sire. I believe that the general population of Bravos has yet to be alerted, but the Shikra have chosen their champions to lead the charge.”

Torvald slammed his fist heavily into his thigh, “I’ll be thrice-cursed if those insufferably cryptic bird-brains continue to perpetrate their war against the Undying King without Arnhelm’s involvement! After all, he was my Kingdom’s nemesis first! Send word to the Keeper at once – the Dark Vigil must be involved. Tell him to inform Ranger Landvik… the Bravos seem to like him. You also need to inform the Mage Bane, as a Slayer must be assigned this time. Also, notify Duke Ragonvaldr. I might not be able to accompany the Bravos, but my old friend has fought the forces of that blackguard for far too long to be denied this opportunity!”

Lord Rydman took careful note of the king’s instructions, “At once, sire. Is that all?”

Visibly wrestling his anger under control, Torvald nodded curtly, “Send those missives, as soon as you have accompanied me to the parlour and introduced me to this emissary…”
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Home » Events » Event 16: The World Awaits