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8/30/2017 7:21:48 AM

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Event Name: Founding a Nation
Dates: 3 to 5 November 2017
Location: Camp Seriti
Festival Event: Ceremonial founding of the new Elven nation

Player Spots: 66 @ R400
NPC Spots: 15 @ R200
Catering: R350
Mug: R50

Book via https://www.teana.co.za

August 537 AE, Sarkland
Hear ye! Hear ye!
To all Bravos in the Kingdom of Arnhelm, for the first time in centuries, a new nation has been born in Brasnire. The Elven nation of Sindór invites you to join her in celebration at the city of Isleryn. Tournaments will be conducted, games will be played, there will be chance to earn glory and gold.
All races welcome.
Elven law will apply, be prepared to defend your actions.

"And that's what it says," the mage finished reading the proclamation to her companions, a tall warrior and a weedy fellow with potions and glass globes hanging from his clothing in profusion.
"Well?" the tall warrior asked, "I'm keen, it's a great opportunity for glory."
"They're new, might be a chance to make a real name for ourselves," the weedy fellow agreed.
"I'm in," the mage shrugged, "Maybe they have new magical knowledge. Should be interesting to see how the Elves use it without the Slayer boot on their necks."
The three of them joined many other Bravos in booking passage across the Sea of Maresco to travel to the eastern coast of Sindór.

"In order to have a plot, you have to have a conflict, something bad has to happen."
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Home » Events » Event 17: Founding a Nation