Tales of Teana Convention

What is Teana Con?

Teana Con is a fun day out hosted at Jabual Community Centre! There will be table top role playing with classic modules provided. There will be a boffer smithy where we'll be crafting LARP weapons if you want to learn how. There will be LARP cosplay. There will be LARP style boffer fighting. There will be the Teana Townhall Meeting where you can hear what the organizers of Teana have planned for the year ahead and you can provide your feedback about the Teana LARP. In the evening, there will be a traditional role play only style LARP set in the world of Teana centered around political events happening in Teana.

Teana Con is free to attend, however Teana Con mugs will be on sale for R70 per mug, there will be food on sale (bring your own drinks) and some of the activities have costs associated with them. All attendees will receive a free custom Teana spell packet. You can participate in as many or as few of the activities as you choose.

Teana Con is scheduled for Saturday, 9 December 2017 @ Jabual Community Centre from 10 AM

Activities at Teana Con

Are You Coming?

We'd like to plan well for the event, as such we ask that you show us if you're interested in coming and what activities you like best! If you want to use your Teana site user details, please make sure you are logged in and your contact details will automatically populate.

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If you want to participate in the LARP, it's really important that we have your e-mail address so that we can send you the details of the character you'll be playing. Also, this is how we identify you if you need to update anything on this page.
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